about us
about us

Founded by Cashmere Lovers with a passion for sustainability, extraordinary quality, and ancient tradition.

In the summer of 2019, we headed to Mongolia for an adventure that would bring together our plans with our passion. To build a Brand that would be as luxurious as it is good for the environment. With the best Cashmere in the World being found in the vast lands of Mongolia where their goats are cared for by herders with ancient traditions and sustainability is of upmost importance, that’s where our story began. 

You see, there is a reason why this is the best cashmere in the World, the landscape, and extreme temperatures in the winter with very hot summers to follow, provides the perfect conditions. Combine that with the lifestyle and traditions of the people, it’s a win-win situation. The nomadic herders treat the animals with love while assuring sustainable living. They hand comb the goats to avoid stress on the animal! That’s love and tradition! 

Following this believe we maintained the organic chain by only using environmentally sustainable techniques for gathering and processing and with this in mind, hand selected socially responsible factories for this delicate and luxurious fiber to create effortless pieces undeniably modern. 

We strive to create the most luxurious, softest, and coziest pieces you will have in your closet! Hope you love our pieces as much as we do.

Why Us

Our Community Story

Respecting and preserving our environment require us to embrace a revolution in sustainability, and we are proud to present our new Eco-Friendly Cashmere Collection.

We make our garments with 100% pure Mongolian Organic and Sustainable Cashmere for the most discerning customers.